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  • Testimonials From Consumers

As a student, Bondi Chai made studying so much easier! I love this delicious low-sugar beverage and I will be buying this product for many years to come :) – Xanthe, Sydney.

Xanthe, Sydney

Thanks Martin. … Honestly, your Chai Latte is the best I have ever had.

Lorraine, Burrill Lake, NSW

…I notice that coffee shops all advertise with pride the brand of coffee they sell, but chai latte is generic. A mistake as they are certainly not all created equal!

Diana, Sydney

Thanks Martin, … We have been buying your product for a while now and love it and i took your advice and mix the 2 varieties together.

Thanks Julie

Hi there, Firstly, I would like to thank you for the best chai on the planet (in my opinion). I first tasted it at Aroma Festival last year... absolutely adored it and bought bucket-loads…

Aimee, Sydney

HI Martin, … Loved your Chai! A friend and I have been searching for a Chai Latte to make at home as we both have small children and there is little relaxation at a cafe to enjoy one of our favourite drinks. We have been buying the Lipton from the supermarket but thought there must be something better and more flexible than sachets…

Kirsty, Sydney

… I love the Vanilla Honey flavour - I've never actually tasted anything like it and my family and friends have had the same reaction as I have.

Kristy, Oatley, NSW

Hi, I bought 2 bags of your product at the Royal Easter Show and I just LOVE it. I was addicted to the Lipton Chai latte sachets prior to finding your product. I was very concerned about the ingredients I was injesting but couldn't "kick the habit". The biggest selling point for me was the No Trans Fatty Acids

Penny, Telopea, NSW

Hello Martin, I have some friends who were traveling in Victoria. We all really enjoy coffee and chai and they thought it (Bondi Chai) was much better than the chai we get here in our local coffee shops. They meant to bring some back but couldn't get it before they left so now they just taunt me with stories as we drink syrupy sweet chai or some really artificial pseudo chai (we have 6 coffee shops within 4 blocks and no good chai!) They thought it was rich and tasty without being too sweet/sugary…

Jeff, Redlands, CA, USA

Hi there, i have just purchased your chai mixes from a distributor in Brisbane and have nothing but praise for them. The delivery was quick and the chai mixes....YUMMY!! I will be recommending your product to my friends and i will definately be a returning customer.

Many thanks, Tammy, Brisbane

I recently found that I had some Bondi Chai tea. I thought I’d give some to a lovely Canadian girl I know, who after a mere one taste, fell victim to the addiction of Bondi Chai amongst many other treats. Soon she will have demolished the entire thing, requiring me to urgently restock the item... I really hope you will be able to help me and I look forward to hearing from you.

Dean & Laura (The Addict), Perth

Hi My family and I went to the easter show and tried a sample of your BondiChai. No doubt about it we just fell in love with it. We bought a packet but ran out the next day…

Salendra, Blacktown

Hi Bondi Chai Team! Well, I went for the Chai, with other orders for the team, came back, they had a sniff of the beautiful aroma and I was sent back for "ONE OF THOSE PLEASE"! We were topping up on these delicious Chai refreshments the whole weekend. It got the better of me and I just had to ask what brand was it? and the most helpful caterer informed me it was BONDI CHAI! I'M HOOKED!

Christine, Victoria

Hi Martin, Firstly, congratulations on the 2 gold medals in Hobart. Of course you absolutely deserve them. Also, I would like to say hooray that Bondi Chai has made it's way to the cafe my family goes to almost every Friday, Bar Mona Lisa in Burwood, Sydney

Elizabeth, Sydney

I ordered a pack of each of the Bondi Chai varieties, and have to say they are absolutely delicious! So different, and so addictive.

Diane, Sydney